Wrapping up May ’17

Despite the little time I had to read in the past couple of months, I did manage to read five books in the last month and so I thought I would give you a little wrap up. I read none of the books to review them, because I just needed some relaxed reading time and so I am just going to give you the little bits and pieces I wrote on Goodreads when I finished the books.

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Wrapping up December ’16

The year is pretty much over and therefore December is, too. I am not really one to put too much significance in the end of a year, because one party on the 31st is not going to just change everything. It’s really just another day. Never the less, I do enjoy the idea of being allowed to start over for yourself and so my first point of action is: I forgive myself for not reading everything I had planned to read in December or this year in general. I am also going to forgive myself for being a shit blogger who really never posts much more than wrap ups. I will try to do better, especially because my semester abroad is coming up and I am pretty much required to keep an online diary about that.

I did still read quite a bit and I enjoyed the books I read this month a lot. I also read quite a bit of nonfiction, which was pretty cool. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

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