To read in June ’17

Oh it really has been a while, but I am back! You may have noticed that I have completely remodelled my blog and the URL is to follow when my plan runs out and I can get a new one. That’s why everything says ‘Jentakular’, except for the URL. Anyway, let’s get to the point. Here is my – provisional – To Read for the month of June. I write provisional, because I cannot guarantee that I will really stick to this list. Life will be more relaxed, as I have a couple of months off before my next semester starts, but there are a lot of other things I have to deal with before that next semester. Either way, I am hoping to read more again, as I have hardly read at all in the past couple of months. So here we go:

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To read in January ’17

Considering my move to Florida and the beginning of my semester abroad, I would say my TBR for January 2017 is really really ambitious. However, I am still excited about all these books and really hope I can get to all of them. Some of them have been carried over from my December 2016 TBR, because I didn’t get to them in December, unfortunately.

I have several categories for these books, which also hopefully will help me get through them this January.

So without further ado, here we go…

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To read in December ’16

I go on and on in my posts about how busy I am and yet I still pack my TBRs full of books in the hope that just maybe I will actually be able to meet my goal for once… Here we go.

I have a couple of sections in this book, starting with “Currently Reading”. I started these two books on November 30th and am pretty much almost finished, but obviously they were still late for my November Wrap Up. Then there is my normal TBR, one re-read section, and a “Non-Fiction” section. Last but not least, there is a “Audiobook” section for my new goal to listen to at least one audiobook each month.

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To read in November 2016

The transition from October to November did not work out as planned. Damned be university and deadlines and exams and the flu. But I am getting back on track. I finally finished my October re-read of Wonders of the Invisible World by Christopher Barzak, for which I want to write a more thorough review soon. Rest assured, though, that this re-read only confirmed this book as one of my absolute all-time-favourites! I am so in love with this book and really all of Barzak’s work.

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To read in October ’16

To Finish

The Call – Peadar Ó’Guilínimg_4290

The Call was actually on my TBR list for September, but unfortunately I didn’t manage to finish it yet. I have a little over 100 pages to go, so hopefully I will finish it soon.

The Call is about a dystopian version of Ireland, where the Irish have banned another people, called Sídhe, hundreds of years ago, to the Grey Land. I think the Grey Land is a sort of parallel-universe-country, but I am not sure. Since then the Sídhe have sworn revenge. They take teenagers at random times and let them fight for their lives, naked, and without any help whatsoever. In our time, the teenagers have three minutes. In the Grey Land, that is an entire day. The chance of survival is 1 in 10, but if you have been ‘called’ once and survive, you are free.

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