Wrapping up May ’17

Despite the little time I had to read in the past couple of months, I did manage to read five books in the last month and so I thought I would give you a little wrap up. I read none of the books to review them, because I just needed some relaxed reading time and so I am just going to give you the little bits and pieces I wrote on Goodreads when I finished the books.

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Top Five Wednesday: Favourite Underrated Books

All right,  here is another wonderful Wednesday with a great topic. I have a couple of authors and books that I feel are underrated. However, this is my personal perception. So I am not always going by amount of Goodreads ratings or reviews, but by me absolutely missing these books in any discussions on BookTube or on Bookish Blogs. Also: This is basically an LGBT+ books recommendations list.

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To read in December ’16

I go on and on in my posts about how busy I am and yet I still pack my TBRs full of books in the hope that just maybe I will actually be able to meet my goal for once… Here we go.

I have a couple of sections in this book, starting with “Currently Reading”. I started these two books on November 30th and am pretty much almost finished, but obviously they were still late for my November Wrap Up. Then there is my normal TBR, one re-read section, and a “Non-Fiction” section. Last but not least, there is a “Audiobook” section for my new goal to listen to at least one audiobook each month.

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