Wrapping up May ’17

Despite the little time I had to read in the past couple of months, I did manage to read five books in the last month and so I thought I would give you a little wrap up. I read none of the books to review them, because I just needed some relaxed reading time and so I am just going to give you the little bits and pieces I wrote on Goodreads when I finished the books.

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To read in June ’17

Oh it really has been a while, but I am back! You may have noticed that I have completely remodelled my blog and the URL is to follow when my plan runs out and I can get a new one. That’s why everything says ‘Jentakular’, except for the URL. Anyway, let’s get to the point. Here is my – provisional – To Read for the month of June. I write provisional, because I cannot guarantee that I will really stick to this list. Life will be more relaxed, as I have a couple of months off before my next semester starts, but there are a lot of other things I have to deal with before that next semester. Either way, I am hoping to read more again, as I have hardly read at all in the past couple of months. So here we go:

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Top Five Wednesday: Favourite Underrated Books

All right,  here is another wonderful Wednesday with a great topic. I have a couple of authors and books that I feel are underrated. However, this is my personal perception. So I am not always going by amount of Goodreads ratings or reviews, but by me absolutely missing these books in any discussions on BookTube or on Bookish Blogs. Also: This is basically an LGBT+ books recommendations list.

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Most anticipated releases 2017

With the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017, I have been seeing a lot of most-anticipated-releases lists and videos. Yet, I have always felt like I am not knowledgeable enough about new releases to make a similar post. However, then, a couple of days ago I realized that I have been saving books on Goodreads in the past couple of months, which are to be released in 2017. So I guess I do have some knowledge of books that are going to be released and that I am pretty excited about… hence the saving them ahead of time on Goodreads. So here it goes, my personal most anticipated releases of 2017.

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To read in January ’17

Considering my move to Florida and the beginning of my semester abroad, I would say my TBR for January 2017 is really really ambitious. However, I am still excited about all these books and really hope I can get to all of them. Some of them have been carried over from my December 2016 TBR, because I didn’t get to them in December, unfortunately.

I have several categories for these books, which also hopefully will help me get through them this January.

So without further ado, here we go…

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