Wrapping up September ’16

More Happy Than Not – Adam Silveraimg_4303

5 stars on Goodreads

Trigger warnings: Mentions of suicide and a suicide attempt; violence; strong homophobia

Bare with me on this summary, I am terrible at writing them.

More Happy Than Not is a book about sixteen-year-old Aaron Soto who lives in the Bronx. It begins a couple months after his father’s suicide and Aaron’s own attempt. He has a scar the shape of a smile on his wrist as a constant reminder of those dark days. It is still hard for him to find happiness again, but with the help of his mother and his girlfriend, Genevieve, he seems to be getting there. Then he meets Thomas, who lives in a different project in the Bronx and when Genevieve leaves for an art-retreat, Aaron and Thomas become inseparable. Aaron’s friends, at first friendly with Thomas, become more and more agitated by this new friendship.

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